Connor “Bensk” Maplethorn


Elf, male
Enforcer for the Stormlords of Kamedon

Refresh 7; Experience 7/97; Size 0
Age 123; Birthdate 30 Lamashan 4590; Deity Erastil;
Residence Rastilholm, Kamedon
Ht/Wt 5’6”/145; Hair/Eyes/Skin blonde/blue/light
Languages Taldane (common), Elven


Keep the Bosses Happy
Former Caravan Soldier
We Belong in Our New Home
Fecking Animals Drive Me Off Me Bleedin’ Nut
Always the Victim


Agility 6; Endurance 3; Perception 2; Strength 1
Elven Grace (agility)
A Enhanced Reflexes (agility) (reroll can use higher roll)
A Night Vision (perception)
ooooooooo Minor:
ooooooooo Major:
ooooooooo Severe (P):
ooooooooo Extreme (P):
ooooooooo Defeated (P):


Craft 1; Knowledge 1; Reasoning 2; Willpower 2
Brain Like a Sieve (knowledge)
oooo Minor:
oooo Major:
oooo Severe (P):
oooo Extreme (P):
oooo Defeated (P):


Deception 3; Empathy 2; Persuasion 2; Resources 2
Good Listener (empathy)
Heirloom Antique Stein (resources)
Honest Face (deception)
ooooo Minor:
ooooo Major:
ooooo Severe (P):
ooooo Extreme (P):
ooooo Defeated (P):


4: Fey Green 4


Defense 6 Agi/3 End/[use Agi not Perc] (+6 AR)

Muhbleedin’ Armor: F AR +6; Stress oooooo

The Rightn’oly Beatstick +4 +6 atk vs. Agi; +7 WR
Short Sword +6 atk vs. Agi; +3 WR; Rng 0; Small
Short Bow +2 atk vs. Agi/Perc; WR +3; Rng 1; Slow Firing, Large


2: Evasive Step (1/scn + Agi reduce stress of one atk by roll, SoP 8)
2: Promise of Pain (F for +3 Pers to intimidate, SoP 23)
6: The Rightn’oly Beatstick +4 (fey energy shillelagh; Improved Weapon Rating, Precise Strike, Repetitive; SoP 108)
1: Quick Step (no penalty to move as supp act, SoP 8)
1: Scary (+2 bonus or Edge Pers to intimidate, SoP 8)

ADVANTAGES (non-combat)

1: Gambler (+2 games of chance, SoP 6)
2: Regeneration (beer, limb re-growth, SoP 122)
–1: Weakness (daily beer, SoP 173)
–3: Weakness (double physical stress by cold iron, SoP 173)

ADVANTAGES (character sheet)

5: Muhbleedin’ Armor F (fey energy armor; ablative x2, improved, reactive, SoP 43)
1: Deadly Grace (Agi for Str with melee or unarmed, SoP 5)
3: Enhanced Reflexes (SoP 66)
1: Night Vision (elven racial, SoP 101)
2: Unsurpassed Talent: Agility (SoP 27)


Connor “Bensk” Maplethorn

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