Kamedon Flag

Kamedon, Kamedon,
How glorious thy name!
The infinite sky, the stag, the fey,
Love for you do they proclaim!

Kamedon is a nation located in the Stolen Lands of the River Kingdoms, currently solely in the Greenbelt area.

Size: 97 (approx. 12,125 square miles); Population: 75,750

Its capital city is Elkheart, and has other cities as well.

Organizations in Kamedon

Official Kamedon holidays are:

  • Abadius 22: Memorial Day (remembering the great fire of 4711)
  • Pharast (Vernal Equinox): Unnamed Holiday
  • Gozran 27: Fate Day Festival (anniversary of people showing up at Oleg’s)
  • Sarenith 3: Tatzlfest (clearing the tatzlwyrm nest on the current site of Tatzlford)
  • Sarenith 24: Founding Day (founding of Kamedon)
  • Arodus 7: Shaman King’s Birthday (Ildred’s birthday)

Kamedon System Numbers


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