Brevic Wisdom

The people of Brevoy are known for their somewhat pessimistic (they would say “realistic”) view of life, summed up in the many expressions on the lips of every farmer, trader, traveler, and tavern regular. Common Brevic sayings include:

  • “When the wolf shows you his teeth, he’s not smiling.”
  • “Riders at night carry no glad tidings.”
  • “Winter always follows spring.”
  • “As the stars see me” (a common oath asserting the truth) and “The stars see all.”
  • “The dragon has two heads” (referring to both the crest of the Conqueror and the duplicity of the nobility).
  • “The temple is close, but the night is cold. The tavern is far, but I have a cloak.”
  • “Fire is everyone’s ally, but no one’s friend.”
  • “Pharasma makes cradles for us all.”
  • “No man dies wishing he had worked more.”

Stolen Land Explorers

The group who eventually became the leadership of Kamedon was but one of four groups chartered by the swordlords to explore and settle the Stolen Land. Here’s what you know about the four regions in the Stolen Lands and who Brevoy sent to explore them.

The Greenbelt
Dominated by the woodland known as the Narlmarches and the rolling hills of the Kamelands,
this region was the one your group had been chartered to explore. Bandits are particularly rife in this area, and the rumors that they had organized under the banner of a bandit warlord who called himself the Stag Lord were particularly troubling, and ultimately proved to be true. You explored the northern half of the Greenbelt (and eventually the southern half as well) and, eventually, killed the “Stag Lord” and removed that particular bandit threat from the region. Other rumored problems in the region which were investigated included a tribe of mites, a tribe of kobolds, mischievous fey, and numerous dangerous monsters and wildlife.

Glenebon Uplands
The swordlords sent a relatively experienced band of adventurers into the westernmost reach of the Stolen Lands—an area that is supposedly under the rule of the bandit kingdom of Pitax (although that River Kingdom has done very little to prove its claims over this area). As Eluiseid and especially Locke know, Lord Irovetti talks big about his claim to the land, but is really more concerned about his grip over the city itself.

The Slough
The East Sellen River runs through the swamps known as Hooktongue Slough. Rumor holds that the swordlords sent actual Brevic government agents into this swampy area.

Nomen Heights
The easternmost reaches of the Stolen Lands contain a low mountain range and border the long-ruined realm of Iobaria. The swordlords sent a band of mercenaries under the leadership of the swordlord Maeger Varn. He established “Varnhold” and, a couple of years ago, had some of the Kamedon leadership out for a civil meet-and-greet.


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