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  • Waterhorse Inn

    The main inn in Varnhold is known as The Waterhorse. When investigating the Varnhold vanishing, many of the clues were found here. !http://gasacgames.com/rpg/kmnpc/WaterhorseSign.jpg(Waterhorse Sign)!

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  • Bixen Libixyten

    A gnome masterbrewer from [[Varnhold]], Bixen was one of the lucky few who survived [[Vordakai | Vordakai’s]] vanishing. He has since returned to his brews and wet boots.

  • Lady Beatrix Houten

    Originally hailing from Taldor, Lady Houten’s husband (Alesandre “Old Man” Houten) claims lineage that hails back to this land centuries ago. During the Taldoran occupation of the Stolen Lands, the Houtens were among those who attempted to tame these …