Tag: Ally


  • Chief Sootscale

    The Sootscale Kobold tribe, led by Chief Sootscale, work the Sootscale silver mine and hold a trade agreement with the Kamedon government. The Sootscale grant silver to Kamedon, and are provided in return with weapons. The caverns are in the Greenbelt …

  • Tiressia

    Originally encountered as a dryad in trouble at her grove in Greenbelt 7.2, the leaders of Kamedon solved her trouble, and now claim Tiressia as a friend and ally. "Hi-Res Image":http://gasacgames.com/rpg/kmnpc/Tiressia.jpg

  • Tyg-Titter-Tut

    The trickster fey Tyg-Titter-Tut (grig) and [[:perlivash | Perlivash]] (faerie dragon) make their home in the northern Greenbelt, roughly 3.4. "Hi-Res Image":http://gasacgames.com/rpg/kmnpc/Tyg-Titter-Tut.jpg

  • Perlivash

    The trickster fey [[:tyg-titter-tut | Tyg-Titter-Tut]] (grig) and Perlivash (faerie dragon) make their home in the northern Greenbelt, roughly 3.4. "Hi-Res Image":http://gasacgames.com/rpg/kmnpc/Perlivash.jpg

  • Old Beldame

    Called “the old witch,” there are MANY rumors about the half-fey who lives at Greenbelt 8.4. She eats children. She turns trespassers into constructs. She is thousands of years old. What is known to the leaders of Kamedon is that they have announced …

  • Garuum

    A mangled-handed boggard who resides in the Greenbelt 5.3, the future Kamedon rulers came across him and his trusty slurk Ubagub in his “kingdom” on 14 Desnus 4710. Good diplomacy and heartfelt good will befriended the pair, and they are now valuable …

  • Bokken

    One of the first people to be met soon after arriving in the Stolen Lands, the party went on an errand for “Old Bokken,” and got him some fangberries (his secret ingredient that makes his potions more tasty). His hut is in Greenbelt 2.6. His manner is …

  • Melianse

    Once in dire confrontation with the logger [[:corax | Corax]], the river nixie Melianse agreed to let Eluiseid and the Kamedon leaders negotiate their impasse, and eventually a settlement was found. She is now an ally of Kamedon, the bend of her river …

  • Zzamas

    A phase spider who lives at the landmark Ghost Stone, N8.4. "Hi-Res Image":http://gasacgames.com/rpg/kmnpc/Zzamas.jpg