Svetlana Leveton


Human, female
Councilor of Kamedon

Refresh 5; Experience 17/67; Size 0
Age 27; Birthdate 9 Neth 4686; Deity Desna;
Residence Elkheart, Kamedon
Hair/Eyes/Skin blonde/blue/fair
Languages Taldane (common), Elven, Hallit


Help Those Who Seek Happiness in Kamedon to Find It
Idealist Making Her Dreams Come True
Wild Things Can Be Tamed
Many Harbor Darkness Inside
Occasional Victim
A Aura of Trust (P)
A Empathically Sensitive


Agility 2; Endurance 1; Perception 2; Strength 1
oooo Minor:
oooo Major:
oooo Severe (P):
oooo Extreme (P):
oooo Defeated (P):


Craft 3; Knowledge 2; Reasoning 1; Willpower 1
.5: Ear of the People (knowledge)
Gifted Crooner (craft)
.5: Naturally Talented Illustrator (craft)
Skilled Brewer & Cook (craft)
ooooo Minor:
ooooo Major:
ooooo Severe (P):
ooooo Extreme (P):
ooooo Defeated (P):


Deception 1; Empathy 3; Persuasion 2; Resources 1
Human Versatility (empathy)
My Wedding Ring (resources)
Too Trusting (empathy)
ooooo Minor:
ooooo Major:
ooooo Severe (P):
ooooo Extreme (P):
ooooo Defeated (P):


9: Arcane 3
oooooo Minor:
oooooo Major:
oooooo Severe (P):
oooooo Extreme (P):
oooooo Defeated (P):


Defense 2 Agi/1 End/2 Perc (+1 AR)

Leather Armor: AR +1; Stress ooo

Masterwork Rapier +2 atk vs. Agi; +3 WR; Quick
Short Bow +2 atk vs. Agi/Perc; +3 WR; Rng 1; Slow Firing, Large


1: Fast Talker (+2 bonus or Edge to convince of truth, SoP 6)

ADVANTAGES (non-combat)

2: Heal F (SoP 77)
4: Mind Link +4+ mod (SoP 59) (Distant Link, SoP 92)
1: Power Tricks (SoP 169)
2: Read Emotions (passive, SoP 120)

ADVANTAGES (character sheet)

4: Awe Aura of Trust (P) (SoP 51)
2: Custom Stress Track (SoP 15)


Svetlana Leveton

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