Roln, from the Woods.

Roln is a druid with an owl companion.

Roln left civilization some time ago to better learn the nature of Nature. His wandering eventually led him to the banks of the Thorn River (G4.4). The rough life provided by this territory appealed to Roln, as he believes it illustrates the triumph and terror of nature at its most elemental. He kept his existence quiet, remaining unknown to both the Stag Lord and our party. He did not think we offered him anything nature could not provide.

But then we annexed his territory and soon the population increased. Settlers of limited knowledge swarmed into his beloved forest. Settlers who, to his eyes, were barely competent to build a rickety lean-to. Rather than see these optimistic, if unskilled, families eaten by boars, he reluctantly emerged from his solitude to teach the Kamedonians how to survive and live with nature.

This is where his career in politics began. What he took as nothing more than saving fools from themselves, the subjects of the area took as wise council from a man who tamed the hellish forest. In addition to his advice, soon the Kamedonians came to Roln asking for settlement of disputes. He reluctantly performed this service, too. As the only thing worse for the woods than their incompetence would be their violence.

So when the declaration of the Citizens Assembly reached this area, the people knew their choice for representative. Roln traveled to Elkheart to meet with Svetlana and learn his new responsibilities and duties. Eluiseid also attended this meeting.

This is where his career in politics ended and his career in diplomacy began. Eluiseid found in Roln a true balance of civilizaton and the wild; a man who wants to live with — not against — the power of Nature. Almost a walking advertisement for Kamedon. Rather than serve just the inhabitants of his corner of the barony, through Eluiseid he could serve the Baron and all the subjects of Kamedon. Eluiseid, a very persuasive man, convinced Roln that his skills were necessary to communicate to the world the idea that Kamedon was a friend to both Nature and Man.

Eluiseid’s vision for Roln is for him to act as a traveling ambassador. Even if Roln is a novice negotiator, his person acts as a message Eluiseid wants to send. A well drafted message can do the rest of the talking.

Roln splits his time between his district and Elkheart, since Eluiseid is away adventuring much of the time. Roln might even accompany the party on one of these trips.


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