Geyer “Locke” Fellblade


Elf, male
Shadow Broker & Spymaster of Kamedon

Refresh 5; Experience 7/97; Size 0; Personality Jaded cynic
Age 155; Birthdate 22 Lamashan 4558; Deity Calistria;
Homeland Kyonin; Residence Elkheart, Kamedon
Ht/Wt 6’0”/119; Hair/Eyes/Skin brown/brown/light
Languages Taldane (common), Azlanti, Elven, Hallit, Vudrani


Become the Shadow Ruler of Kamedon
Winter Is Coming…
Above All, Remember KYFHO
Black Sheep of Pitax
Overly Ambitious


Agility 2; Endurance 1; Perception 5; Strength 1
Elven Grace (agility)
Glass Jaw (endurance)
A Night Vision (perception)
ooooooo Minor:
ooooooo Major:
ooooooo Severe (P):
ooooooo Extreme (P):
ooooooo Defeated (P):


Craft 1; Knowledge 1; Reasoning 4; Willpower 4
Unshakable (willpower)
oooooooo Minor:
oooooooo Major:
oooooooo Severe (P):
oooooooo Extreme (P):
oooooooo Defeated (P):


8: Deception 6``; Empathy 5; Persuasion 4; Resources 1
The Black Ledger (resources)
A Head of the Nightingales (resources)
Silver Tongue (deception)
ooooooooooo Minor:
ooooooooooo Major:
ooooooooooo Severe (P):
ooooooooooo Extreme (P):
ooooooooooo Defeated (P):


Defense 2 Agi/1 End/3 Perc (+1 AR)

Leather Armor: AR +1; Stress ooo

Dagger +1 atk vs. Agi; WR +2; Rng 1 thrown; Small
Pistol Crossbow +2 vs. Agi/Perc; WR +2; Rng 1; Slow Firing (P), Small


1: Con Man (Dec for Emp when Assessing Aspects, SoP 5)
1: Fast Talker (+2 bonus or Edge to convince of truth, SoP 6)
1: Preceding Reputation (+1 Leverage social atk, SoP 8)
2: Razor Tongue (F +3 bonus or Edge Pers to anger, SoP 23)
1: Street Smart (+1 bonus or Edge gather info/Pers with street people, SoP 10)
1: Takes One to Know One (Dec for Emp to perceive lies, SoP 10)
2: Vicious Comeback (Spin on Ment def + F = imm atk, SoP 28)
1: Well-Known (+2 first Pers roll to people who heard of you, SoP 10)

ADVANTAGES (non-combat)

2: Five Minute Friends (F + 5 mins to help make friends, SoP 16)
2: Gut Feeling (F to ask GM, SoP 18)

ADVANTAGES (character sheet)

4: Companion (organization, SoP 319)
1: Linguist (SoP 7)
1: Night Vision (elven racial, SoP 101)
2: Unsurpassed Talent: Deception (Rank up above norm, SoP 27)




Geyer “Locke” Fellblade

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