Human, male
Warden of Kamedon

Refresh 5; Experience 17/67; Size 0
Age 16; Birthdate 5 Pharast 4697; Deity Pharasma;
Birthplace Osirion; Residence Elkheart, Kamedon
Hair/Eyes/Skin jet black/gold (one burned white)/beige
Languages Taldane (common), Hallit, Osiriani, Skald, Varisian


Prove Myself Worthy of High Honor
Former Slave in Ustalov (“Tolu”)
All Deserve Justice
Can Be Too Self-Righteous


Agility 2; Endurance 3; Perception 1; Strength 6
Human Versatility (endurance)
A Master of the Khopesh (P) (strength)
One Eye (perception)
Strength of the Demigods (strength)
ooooooooo Minor:
ooooooooo Major:
ooooooooo Severe (P):
ooooooooo Extreme (P):
ooooooooo Defeated (P):


Craft 1; Knowledge 1; Reasoning 2; Willpower 3
ooooo Minor:
ooooo Major:
ooooo Severe (P):
ooooo Extreme (P):
ooooo Defeated (P):


Deception 1; Empathy 1; Persuasion 3; Resources 1
Intimidating Visage (persuasion)
Special Birthday Khopesh (resources)
oooo Minor:
oooo Major:
oooo Severe (P):
oooo Extreme (P):
oooo Defeated (P):


2: Raw Æssence 4
oooooooo Minor:
oooooooo Major:
oooooooo Severe (P):
oooooooo Extreme (P):
oooooooo Defeated (P):


Defense 2 Agi/3 End/1 Perc (+3 AR)

Scale Mail: AR +3; Stress ooooo; Bulky

Khopesh +9* atk vs. Agi; +6 WR; Large
(*includes Master of the Khopesh (P))

Short Bow +2 atk vs. Agi/Perc; +3 WR; Rng 1; Slow Firing, Large


2: Awe F Aura of Command (P) (SoP 51)
2: Battle Frenzy (F for Battle Frenzy (P) (strength), SoP 13)
1: Grow F Large as a Monolith (P) (+2 WR melee, size 1, SoP 76)
2: Herculean Might (+2 WR melee/thrown & various Str, SoP 18)
2: Promise of Pain (F for +3 Pers to intimidate, SoP 23)
1: Scary (+2 Pers bonus or Edge to frighten, SoP 8)
5: Terrify (horrific, aura of terror, fear of the unknown, SoP 144)

ADVANTAGES (non-combat)

1: Eye for Crime (+2 Perc criminal act, SoP 6)

ADVANTAGES (character sheet)

2: Custom Stress Track (SoP 15)
1: Linguist (SoP 7)
2: Unsurpassed Talent: Strength (SoP 27)
2: Weapon Mastery: Khopesh (SoP 150)
1: Weapon Specialist: Heavy Blades (+1 atk, SoP 10)



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