Kesten Garess


Kesten arrived in Kamedon with three warriors mere days after the future Kamedon founders.

A member of one of Brevoy’s noble houses in name only, he was scandalized when an affair between Kesten and a lowborn woman named Tania, a weaver’s daughter, became public knowledge. His father Evan, a cousin of the Garess family patriarch, disowned Kesten, who fled to Restov to serve as a mercenary. He volunteered to lead the small group of soldiers to help guard Oleg’s Trading Post after his own depression and shame grew too much to handle.

He had hoped to either make a name for himself as the defender of a remote fort, or to find an honorable death among the bandits and other dangers in the region. Initially presenting as a somewhat moody and morose guard, Kesten’s role grew, as did the others who came to this land when he did.

When Oleg moved south to Elkheart, Kesten took over running the Trading Post, which he did for a few years before the area was claimed by Kamedon and the city of Northgate was founded on the very spot. By that time, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Kesten would be serving as mayor. Which he is.

Kesten Garess

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