Irina Derevko


Human, female
The Amazing Disappearing Girl

Refresh 5; Experience 7/97; Size 0
Age 20; Birthdate 5 Gozran 4694; Deity Pharasma;
Birthplace Restov, Brevoy; Residence Elkheart, Kamedon
Ht/Wt 5’5”/115; Hair/Eyes/Skin black/ice blue/light
Languages Taldane (common), Elven


Keep My Husband, My Family, My Home At All Costs
Troubled Childhood
Peace Can Come Through Fear
A Lot of Lawmen Know My Name
Multiple Traumas Have Left Their Memories


Agility 6; Endurance 1; Perception 2; Strength 1
A Enhanced Reflexes (agility) (reroll can use higher roll)
Human Versatility (perception)
A Master of the Dagger (P) (agility)
Unhuman Flexibility (agility)
oooooooo Minor:
oooooooo Major:
oooooooo Severe (P):
oooooooo Extreme (P):
oooooooo Defeated (P):


Craft 1; Knowledge 1; Reasoning 2; Willpower 2
Easily Frustrated (willpower)
oooo Minor:
oooo Major:
oooo Severe (P):
oooo Extreme (P):
oooo Defeated (P):


Deception 4; Empathy 2; Persuasion 1; Resources 1
A Absolutely Stunning (P) (persuasion)
Legendary Trickster (deception)
Zuddiger’s Picnic (1st Edition) (resources)
oooooo Minor:
oooooo Major:
oooooo Severe (P):
oooooo Extreme (P):
oooooo Defeated (P):


0: Shadow 3


Defense 6 Agi/1 End/[use Agi, not Perc] (+4 AR)

Shadow Armor: +4 AR +4

Wrist Blades +8* atk vs. Agi; +4 WR; Small
(*includes Master of the Dagger (P))


1: Ambush Predator (+2 phys vs. ambushed, SoP 5)
3: Body Weaponry: Wrist Blades (improved +2 WR, dual Dervish (P), retractable, SoP 57)
2: Crippling Blow (1/scn WR +3, SoP 15)
1: Deadly Grace (Agi for Str with melee or unarmed, SoP 5)
2: Explosive Assault (1/scn +3 atk new opp, SoP 16)

ADVANTAGES (non-combat)

1: Hide in Plain Sight (+2 stationary position, SoP 7)
3: Invisibility F (effortless, telepathic, SoP 89)
1: Locksplitter (+2, SoP 7)
2: She Was Just Here (Agi +3 then F to pop out, SoP 19)
1: Trap Sense (Dec for Perc for traps/alarms, SoP 10)
3: Wall-Walker (passive, SoP 150)

ADVANTAGES (character sheet)

2: Absolutely Stunning (SoP 12)
1: Shadow Armor +4 (strenuous, SoP 43)
3: Enhanced Reflexes (SoP 66)
2: Unsurpassed Talent: Agility (SoP 27)
2: Weapon Mastery: Dagger (SoP 150)


Irina Derevko

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