Throwing Money at Problems and Unfortunate Nuptuals

There’s a booking at the Velvet Pony for one of the best singers in Brevoy. Her name is Anastasia Ilota. Also booked for that night is the Sapphire Imp acting troupe. There’s a bit of a kerfuffle. Svetlana is mortified. Mariah gets lippy. The people are worried how this will make Kamedon look outside the kingdom. The kingdom’s rep is on the line. Ildred can not bring himself…to give a crap. We bring in the manager of the Velvet Pony, Joser Rutledge. He says it was it’s the fault of an employee at the Velvet Pony. Ildred still does not care.

We make the plan to build an arena or theater and decide to invite them both to the inaugural celebration. We talk to the manager of the Sapphire Imp. His name is “Peg” Stromfield. He has a peg leg. He wears a hat with a feather in it and a fluffy shirt. Eluiseid introduces us to him and aplogizes on behalf of the Velvet Pony for their carelessness. The Sapphire Imp will be compensated for their time regardless of them performing or not. He tells him we’re planning on building a performance venue and that we’re going to throw a party on Founding Day, next month. The Sapphire Imp is going to perform in the Town Hall free for the people, since they’ve been paid already. Ildred makes it a point to stop by the Town Hall during this week.

We bring Anastasia Ilota in to talk to her. “The Velvet Pony is your venue.” “We will be opening a larger stage.” She accepts. She tells us that word of this venue (Velvet Pony) is spreading. In some places the profession (prostitution) is not publicly looked upon very well. This venue has become a prestigious place for the arts and bring families as well as making mainstream the needs of people is fantastic.

Kingdom Building Phase

Svetlana calls a Stormlord meeting, all to be in attendance. She would like to offer the slate she’s come up with for noble titles:

Hanvaki house
Garess house
House of Mercy and Rosa
The Houtens
Sandalmare (the Old Beldame)
Stu the Grey

The Houtens, from Taldor. Old Man Houten’s ancestors were in this land way back in the day to try and tame it. All but Belladonna and Galadrianna are confirmed. Svetlana writes up letters of invitation.

Day before the festival, Belladonna and Eluiseid meet. They come to terms concerning her joining his diplomatic corps.

Day of the festival. The opening of the amphitheater. People do shows, the crowds love it. The evening comes, torches and lanterns lit, then they dim. Light in the middle of the stage, Anastasia is standing there amidst colors, lights, and music. Then the Sapphire Imp troupe starts to perform to Anastasia’s music. They announce that they’ll be touring together as one act. After the performance Jhod comes up to Ildred. One of his people performed a ceremony earlier this evening. Khamontep and Belladonna got married.

Another Kingdom Phase



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