Roln Writes Eluiseid


A quick note to keep you informed on my journey to my home on the Thorn River. I know you’re a busy man, and I certainly know my responsibilities to both Nature and Kamedon keep me occupied. So…notes.

  • I am not nearly the wordsmith that you are; a visit from the Grand Diplomat himself may be required to explain to my fellow neighbors that I will not be representing them in the People’s Assembly. I repeated the argument you gave me, which at the time sounded like the only possible outcome. But there’s more to speech than just words and I am a novice in these matters.
  • Lily is finding that rain is more bearable under the fine ceilings of Elkheart than the trees’ canopy. But whenever her enthusiasm diminishes, out comes that old artifact the baron gave her. She always cheers right up. I don’t see it.
  • We traveled to Rastilholm, from where I’m writing you. Here, I see an opportunity for Lily. Her peers are here; many serving both Kamedon and the Elk. Rastilholm is a good place for her to learn some basics of diplomacy where the demands are not too great. Jhod informs me he can find a place for her to start providing basic diplomatic services.
  • You requested a list of some of the abilities that have allowed me to thrive in the supposedly harsh Narlmarches. It is my respect and honor to nature that grants me my success. Here are the tools that nature rewards me.
    • FSITC

May Nature and the Baron grant us many green fields!
Roln, from the Woods, Ambassador General in service to the Baron and People of Kamedon



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