Recalling the Impregnation of One That is Basically A Tween and Something About An Invasion

Recap: We head to New Rhotesh for a birthday. One of the elven girls has started a horse riding fad calling it umascene. She says there was a druid that had a sentient horse as a companion. It’s name was Windchaser. She would like us to collect one of Windchaser’s offspring. Bensk knocked up a twig. ildred was given a taxidermed diarama of a tatzleworm fighting an owlbear by Loras Shadewest from Tatzleford for Ildred’s birthday. Keston spoke to Idred about Marshal Drew, suggested him for lord mayor of Northgate. He’s very admin minded. Elim Garak, a dark elf, was made lord mayor of Crooked Falls. Someone came into Tatzleford from the west warning of an army of giant trolls. They’ll arrive in three days.

Svetlana is sent to contact Lyyl and Locke.

The seventh, it’s a new moon. Two days until the arrival of the trolls. The three of us (Ildred, Locke, and Eluicid), speak to the woman that saw the trolls. Shes in army leathers and she’s scraped and dirty. She’s a human named Cassandra Numesti. Baron Hannis Drelev of Brevoy established the Drelev Desmense with a charter from the swordlords. Her father was one of several that was with Baron Drelev. They got invaded, her father was ordered to turn her over to the barbarians. The other nobles were ordered to turn their daughters over as well. She snuck out with the army. The barbarians march with trolls. Her father is in the dungeon for not turning her over. Drelev surrendered to the barbarians. The lord of Pitax is giving aid to the Tiger Lord barbarians, led by Armag. a couple of hundred barbarians and giants are said to be headed our way.

We send a unit of razorcloaks to recon to see how far off they are but it’s too late. They’re here.



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