Ildred Arrives in the Stolen Lands

Wealday, Calistril 30, 4710 AR
Oleg’s Trading Post:
The party is met by a young woman, Svetlana, Oleg’s 25 year old wife. Oleg is doing repairs to a roof.

Oleg says that bandits come on the first day of every month. They have done so for the last four months. He informs us that they took Svetlana’s wedding ring. Tomorrow is Pharast 1st.

The party spends the rest of the day preparing an ambush.

Oathday, Pharast 1, 4710
Oleg’s Trading Post:
Four bandits attempt to raid the trading post. Three are killed, including Happs (the leader, had a silver amulet of a stag head). Oleg hangs the dead bandits above the entrance to the trading post. One is kept alive for questioning.
- “Happs was a fool. He should have stayed a city guard.” He came 10 years prior from Restov.

- Reveals that Crestle is the real boss of the bandit gang. She’s offered money and freedom but she’ll only give Crestle up for two hours with Svetlana. Oleg insists that any negotiation involving Svetlana is off the table.

- Reveals that Crestle did not keep Svetlana’s wedding ring, but instead tossed it to a male in the group.

She refuses to cooperate any further, “Kill me or let me go.” We place her in a midden without any shoes as the temperature drops and snow begins to fall.

Celebril keeps checking on her to see if she’s become more compliant. He finds her almost dead. She’s released into the guesthouse and Ildred casts a healing spell on her. She remains unrepentant.

The party notices three wanted posters.
- Wanted: Bandits

- Wanted: Tatzlwyrm

- Wanted: Tuskgutter

A plume of smoke is seen in the distance.

It snows heavily for three days.

Starday, Pharast 3, 4710
Oleg’s Trading Post:
The snow storm subsides.

After a much heated debate the party decides to execute justice on the fourth bandit. Oleg performs the execution and proceeds to hang her body up with the others.

Oleg asks that we find the wedding ring.

Svetlana asks that we find moonradishes.

The party leaves Oleg’s to investigate the smoke.

Greenbelt Plains:
After several hours of travel Celebril sees a makeshift shelter near a copse of woods. Presumably it’s the source of the smoke. Celebril rides out to the camp and catches the scent of burning blood. Sees tent fabric stretched over sticks. Sees bits of animal parts. They were chopped up hurriedly. He hears a voice from the camp, “Is there any more left?” Celebril sees bits of barding that are similar to the barding on the horses the bandits rode in Oleg’s. The bandits hear Celebril’s approach. They fight Celebril, but die.

Celebril returns to the party (sometime in the night?) to find that practical jokes have been played on them (pants fall down, etc). Likely this was done by mischievous fey.

We decide to return to Oleg’s in the morning.

Sunday, Pharast 4, 4710
Oleg’s Trading Post:
We deliver the bodies of the two bandits to Oleg. He hangs them up with the other four. Oleg says the guards will pay us for the bandits when they get to the post.

We decide to begin exploring the Greenbelt in the morning.

Moonday, Pharast 5, 4710
Greenbelt Plains:
Day spent in travel.

In the night we discover more pranks. Lyyl‘s pouches have been rearranged, Celebril’s ear is red.

Toilday, Pharast 6, 4710
Greenbelt Plains:
The party discovers an area of about a 200 sq. ft. radius of bones. The bones are from boars, bears, and humans.

During an inspection of the bones the party is attacked by a spider. It is dispatched.

There is a pit; 5 ft. wide, 25 ft. deep. Ildred descends. He sees a few skeletons in the pit, some boars and humans. He sees the bones of a dead bandit. He drags it topside for further inspection. The remains are decided to be female in gender, wearing leather armor and a scrap of paper in her shoes. The paper bares the image of a claw-shaped dead tree atop an otherwise barren hill. An “X” is drawn in blood at the root of the trees.

We decide to leave 2 gold a piece for the faeries. Ildred leaves a note that says “You’re Welcome.”

Wealday, Pharast 7, 4710
Greenbelt Forest:
Prior to heading into the forest we awaken to find Eliucid‘s beard is in tiny braids and Ildred’s pants are down.

In the forest we see the first thaw since the snowstorm. It’s chilly but warm.

We find a clearing where moonradishes are growing (Svetlana had asked Eliucid to find some for her). In the clearing are four moaning kobolds. They are full of moonradishes and high as kites. Eliucid tries to steal one of the three baskets full of radishes, but the kobolds are protective of their drug supply. We fight them and win.

We decide to head back to Oleg’s in the morning.



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