Appointing Candlemere's New Lord Mayor, and Meeting Belladonna

Galadrianna walked out of the Narlmarches and laid claim to the mage’s tower. Her claim was questioned so a tournament was held. She was victorious. She uses it to house an order of mages. She’s beautiful, wise, and people look up to her.

Master Ironbrow is Master craftsmen, a shipbuilder. He’s very influential. We guess (through Svetlana) than he’s an older dwarf due to the metal plates on the side of his face and forehead that he probably received as a result of some accidents.

Rusty is a common citizen that seems to know a lot and helps people and everyone knows him. He’s a man of the people.

We wake up and our bedrooms are riddled with spider webs made of fey gossamer material. Ildred, angry, finds Emeril (the member of the Order currently on watch). Emeril is a man of the north. His beard has been shaved and he seems groggy like he’s been asleep. He didn’t see anything and doesn’t know what happened. Ildred is angry.

Eluiseid sees a light buzz by from the gossamer. Locke recognizes it as fey and then he and Eluiseid go to talk to Ildred about it. Bear is summoned and is damp when he arrives. Ildred shows him the gossamer. A buzzy light floats by. Bear will research.

Some riders arrive in town and report they’re unable to fulfill our work orders for roads in hex G 3-4 because their equipment disappears or breaks. Their men are having issues. The work can’t get done.

Bear discovers that the gossamer is a fey networking system. Made for travel. It’s a form of travel that they haven’t used in over an age. But they don’t use it in the material plane.

We travel to the hex in question with the work guy. We leave gems on the ground to see if Tyg and Perlivash show up. They appear when Locke starts talking about us plowing their home to make roads. Eluiseid apologizes and tries to come to terms. Tyg considers the offer. The group is sentenced to play tag and hide and seek.

Perlivash is it, tags Eluiseid. We play games all day. The road situation is resolved and the men may continue.

We go to Northgate to see the construction. We meet with Kesten Garess. He seems upset about something. Lyyl calls him out for being displeased that Khamontep is moving here. Locke asks us to leave to talk to him alone.

He’s upset because we took a delicate situation and “put a brick in it.” She’s (Belladonna) going to feel like she needs to respond. Locke explains that the Stormlords are spreading out and tells him that Khamontep loves the arena.

We go to Candlemere to visit the candidates for lord mayor. We start with Master Ironbrow. “If chosen I’d do my best,” states commerce would be his priority. Says he would be honored to take the position.

We speak to Galadrianna next. She flows in, the object of beauty and grace. Slight glow about her. She says its a wonderful thing to be looked up to and entrusted by such wonderful people who seek words of wisdom and to learn from their own wisdom. States that the mage order is more like a “club” to perfect the craft, avoid mistakes, work for good, to cleanse darkness from the area. Says she would serve gladly. Her priorities would be to bring harmony, as a city, to function as a part of nation. Different types of peoples to work together as one. She disappears in a puff of smoke after saying some magic words.

We talk to Rusty next. He says he was floored at receiving the nomination. Says he does what he can. Makes his living on tips. Locke rolls empathy, he’s on the up and up. He just wants everyone to be happy and feel good about what their doing. He’s about morale.

We go back to Ironbrow. He thinks we’re trying to illicit bribes, he asks how much we want. Galadrianna gives us gifts called hearthstones. They port us home, one time. She felt something going on in Elkheart. A wave of positive energies. She poofs off again.

We return to Rusty to tell him he got the job. He appreciates the honor we do him.

We head back to Elkheart on an Ironbrow ship. We arrive at night. We see a glow coming from Elkheart, it’s very bright. As we get closer we see an actual light eminating from the mage tower. We anchor at the pier and head to the mage tower. At the mage tower we are let in by Vlad. He lets us up to see for ourselves. Bear is suspended by his feet, completely immersed in a vat of bubbling dark liquid. He feels great. He’s been in the vat upside down for 13 hours. “Night of the new moon, there was a light. Any women of childbearing age that was having intercourse that night will be pregnant.”

Fate Day, the day that we have the event in Northgate. We are introduced to Belladonna, she sits near Locke and winks at Khamontep. The games are kind of like races and other Olympic type stuff, feats of strengths.

“Your lordships, I have convinced some of your men (Khamontep’s) to make special arrangement at the garrison (a party).” We are going. It’s a power play. “His men have taken great care to make it a memorable evening.”

Locke and Eluiseid speak to the side, “What do people think of Belladonna and what do they think of Kesten Garess?” Maybe Garess is in over his head. Garess can’t prove it but knows she’s running something, loan sharking, thieving, maybe murder.

The Nightingales look into her. People love her, she’s charitable, gives money away. Personable, never turns people away. They call her Lady Belladonna. Kesten Garess is very well respected as a man of law and order. Very well looked up to. Complaints about him are typical stuff for a man in his position. People suspect her of running girls on the streets.

She (Belladonna) gives Orinn an ornate, bejeweled sword.

Ildred remains incredibly suspicious of her. Locke and Eluiseid seem satisfied that she’s not up to anything overly malicious.



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